NSLAC and SHALVA at Wayfarer Theater

North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, SHALVA, and Wayfarer Theater have joined together to raise awareness about the real impact of domestic violence. Through this collaboration, we hope to shed light on the experiences of victims and highlight the importance of being supportive allies to those in difficult situations. 

Join us for a special screening of "It Ends with Us" at Wayfarer Theater beginning August 9. This is a powerful movie adapted from Colleen Hoover's acclaimed novel. This movie broke records by having over 128 million views of its trailer in a single day, outperforming every other recent movie. On August 10 at noon, the newly renovated theater will be transformed into a Lilly Bloom's flower shop to celebrate the screening. We invite you to join us for this special event. 

Catch NSLAC's and SHALVA's special ad running from August 9- August 30 or find our NSLAC table on the evenings of August 9th and August 10th.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Wayfarer Theater's website. Information from NSLAC and SHALVA will be available. Together, let's make a difference and raise awareness about the impact of domestic violence in our community and beyond.  

Wayfarer Theater Highland Park
Events near Livertyville

Domestic Violence Law Practice Lunch & Learn in Libertyville

Join our NSLAC Lunch and Learn event in Libertyville and connect with staff, supporters, and volunteers while learning about our Domestic Violence Law Practice and community trends in a casual setting. Interested in joining? Please RSVP to events@nslegalaid.org

Discussion Topic: Domestic Violence Law Practice

Time and Date: Wednesday, September 18 at 12 pm

Location:13990 Rockland Road, Green Oaks, IL 60048