Illinois Immigrant Tenant Protection Act

On August 21, 2019, the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act was signed into Illinois state law. This act is aimed to protect tenants from the fear that their landlord may disclose their immigration status if they voice the concerns needed to maintain adequate living conditions. The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act explicitly prohibits landlords from disclosing or threatening to disclose the immigration status of a tenant with the intent of harassment, intimidation, or retaliation. The act also prevents landlords from making irrelevant inquiries about a tenant’s immigration status in civil court disputes over housing rights.

Illinois is the second state (after California) to enact legislation protecting immigrant tenant’s rights in this way. The passage of this act marks and important step in ensuring that all Illinois tenants, regardless of their immigration status, can exercise their housing rights.

6/6/2019: Statement on Proposed HUD Rule

The North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic Statement on Proposed HUD Rule

On May 10, 2019, Housing and Urban Development proposed a rule that would change their current policy and prohibit mixed immigration status families (even those who are of legal status with documentation) from living in public and other subsidized housing. The North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic (the Clinic) opposes the proposed HUD rule.

As a nation, we must not turn our back on those in need of fair housing, especially children and those seeking to unite with their families who are legally living in our country. We concur with the findings that it would force more than 25,000 mixed status families in public housing and Section 8 programs to separate or face eviction. Over 108,000 individuals may be affected by this rule, 70% of them lawful residents/citizens, and 55,000 of them are United States citizen (USC) children. This proposed rule could be devastating and flies in the face of the intention of HUD, increases costs to the agency and ultimately the public. This is an attack on our immigrant families and would exacerbate the housing crisis facing our nation.

We encourage the public to join the Clinic in opposing the proposed HUD rule. Public comment is open until July 9. Electronic submission of comments may be made through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at Commenters should follow instructions provided on the site.