Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) 2022

DVAM 2022

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) across the nation. During DVAM, victim advocates, allies, survivors of abuse, their loved ones, and communities come together to mourn the lives lost to domestic violence and raise awareness to end this epidemic. North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic (NSLAC) attorneys provide survivors with the necessary legal advocacy and compassionate support to help them safely achieve independence. NSLAC is pleased to announce several efforts to help educate and mobilize the public about domestic violence during DVAM.  

Unique opportunities include a domestic violence awareness podcast, a special cooking demonstration with Judy’s Pizza of Highland Park to help domestic violence victims, a domestic violence education and advocacy virtual panel, a social media campaign with special attention to Know the Sign, town hall visits and recognition, a PACE bus advertising campaign, a matching campaign, the End DV Fund, and the Regional Student Leadership Board of the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic will partner with Judy’s Pizza of Highland Park for a ‘round up’ all month long and dine and donate opportunity, and the NSLAC Survivor Guide.


Domestic Violence Awareness Podcast Library 

NSLAC hosts the original podcast, “Shouting from the Rooftops: Destigmatizing Domestic Violence.”A library of conversations expose and explore the challenges that face those who experience domestic violence and how the intersectionality of survivors’ other identities affects their road to independence.  


Cooking Demonstration with Judy’s Pizza of Highland Park to Help Domestic Violence Victims 

NSLAC hosts free virtual cooking demonstrations with professional chefs on the second Thursday of every month. NSLAC invites anyone with questions about domestic violence to ask those questions to NSLAC attorneys anonymously in the chat. The cooking demonstrations include a live chat via RingCentral. No domestic violence content will be shown in the video. Guests can log on anonymously using an alias throughout the hour. No registration is required. The next opportunity to participate will be on October 13, 2022, from 5 PM to 6 PM with  Judy’s Pizza. Join the event at 


Judy's Pizza is a family-owned local pizzeria serving the best pizza in town. The pizzeria was established in 1979 in Deerfield, and in 1996, moved to its current location in Highland Park, IL. Judy’s uses the highest quality ingredients from locally sourced vendors, with each pizza crafted to your liking. 


Social Media Sharing 

Share NSLAC’s social media posts throughout October on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn using the hashtags #DVAM, #NoMoreDomesticViolence, #EndDomesticViolence, and #EndDV  


Town Hall Visits and Recognition 

NSLAC works closely with government partners in suburban Cook County and throughout Lake County. NSLAC is scheduled to speak about what communities can do to make a difference in stopping domestic violence at the upcoming public board and trustee meetings at the City of Highwood, the City of Highland Park, the Village of Skokie, and the Village of Glencoe. Other municipalities partnering with the NSLAC include the Village of Northbrook, the Village of Palatine, and the Village of Winnetka. 


PACE Bus Advertising Campaign 

PACE has generously donated advertising space on buses that route through suburban Cook County and throughout Lake County. The Clinic ad displays information about how to obtain help if you or someone you know is living in fear and danger. 


End DV Fund 


NSLAC is passionate, driven, and dedicated to helping survivors. With the help of generous donors Karyn and Bill Silverstein, we are pleased to establish the End DV Fund and will match funds donated during DVAM. This fund ensures that NSLAC has the critical resources needed to provide free legal services to domestic violence survivors in need of immediate help within suburban Cook County and throughout Lake County.  Join Karyn and Bill by making your donation today. 


Donations to the End DV Fund will be directly used to provide free legal services to domestic violence survivors in need of immediate help within suburban Cook County and throughout Lake County.   


Regional Student Leadership Board of the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic Partners with Judy’s Pizza of Highland Park for a ‘Round Up’ All Month Long and Dine and Donate opportunity.  

The North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic Regional Student Leadership Board (the Student Board) has partnered with Judy’s Pizza at 1855 Deerfield Road, Highland Park, for October to educate and mobilize the public about DVAM. 


  • Round-Up in October – Judy’s Pizza will be asking guests to “round up” on their purchases for the whole month of October for proceeds to benefit NSLAC. 
  • Dine and donate on October 8, 2022– Judy’s Pizza will be donating 20% of sales made on Saturday, October 8th , to NSLAC.



NSLAC Survivor Guide 

Sharing information with victims of domestic abuse and their allies in safe spaces helps to eliminate barriers to getting victims to safety. NSLAC offers a Domestic Violence Survivor Guide pamphlet in English and Spanish, which explains general information about domestic violence, the legal system, and a sampling of ways to find support.  

Victims of domestic violence do not always feel safe reading information on a computer or simply don’t know where to access information. Businesses, public offices, and houses of worship offer the NSLAC Domestic Violence Survivor Guide in lobbies, at registration or check-out desks, on bathroom counters, and anywhere they can help reach an individual in need. The guide is free of charge. To request the guide or for more information, email