Share Your Story, Immigrant Heritage Month

June is Immigrant Heritage Month across the nation! In partnership with Highland Park Public Library and Highwood Public Library, and Community Center, we will come together to host 'Share Your Story' on Thursday, June 8, from 5-6 p.m. at the Highland Park Public Library. 

The 'Share Your Story' event invites participants to bring in a story or recipe that is significant to their origin and cultural heritage. Participants are encouraged to take the stage and share about the journey they or their family took to the United States.

Participants are welcome to bring a copy of a photo(only photocopies will be accepted as they will not be returned) and a brief description of their story(200 words or less). Please include a contact name, email, phone number, and address. Some stories and recipes will be chosen to be highlighted on the NSLAC website and social media.

Immigrant stories come in the form of food. Participants are invited to bring their favorite family recipe, along with their story about its origins and significance to their cultural heritage. Recipes can be brought to the Highland Park Public Library during the event for display at the Library. Some recipes will be chosen to be highlighted on the Library’s social media and NSLAC website and social media.


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