Free Power of Attorney Clinic In north suburban Cook County and Lake County

Empowering Communities: A Comprehensive Walkthrough of NSLAC's Free Power of Attorney Clinics 

Since 2018, North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic (NSLAC) has been providing essential free Power of Attorney (POA) clinics to residents in north suburban Cook County and Lake County. NSLAC’s POA clinics play a pivotal role in empowering low-income residents by providing free legal services that contribute to their health and financial planning. Whether you have already scheduled an appointment or are looking for more information, the details below will help you navigate what to expect from a POA clinic.  

What types of Power of Attorney does NSLAC help with?  

NSLAC assists in preparing documents for POA for healthcare and POA for property. You can learn more about these different types of POAs HERE 

Where are NSLAC’s Power of Attorney clinics held?  

North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic offers year-round free Power of Attorney clinics at surrounding community senior centers, public libraries, and community colleges throughout north suburban Cook County and Lake County. For specific information on the location of the next POA clinic, please be in touch with NSLAC.  

What does the NSLAC’s POA clinic process look like? 

On the day of your appointment, NSLAC volunteers will explain the document (s), assist you in signing, witnessing, and notarizing your POA, ensuring you walk out with completed documents for distribution. 

How can I schedule an appointment for an NSLAC POA clinic? 

To effectively reach the community, NSLAC may occasionally collaborate with a partner organization to host a clinic. Depending on the nature of the POA clinic, registration may vary. If you are interested in registering for a POA clinic, you may call our offices at 847-737-4042 and an intake specialist will book you for our next available clinic. Occasionally, one of our partners may handle registration. If uncertain about whom to contact, our office will gladly connect you to the right place. You may also find additional information on upcoming POA clinics HERE. 

Are there eligibility requirements to receive free Power of Attorney services?  

Yes. Before your appointment, a screening process will be conducted to ensure that you meet NSLAC eligibility requirements. NSLAC will screen for income and service area. To qualify for NSLAC free legal aid services, you must be a low-income resident living in north suburban Cook County or Lake County.  

What documentation should I bring to my POA appointment?  

In most cases, the client should only come prepared with a valid form of identification. However, if the client’s situation is more complex, involving more than one bank account or property holdings, the client should also bring other important bank statements or property documents. If you are unsure about your situation, please contact our offices and we will be happy to answer any questions.  

Who will I talk to during my consultation?  

On the day of your consultation, you will meet with an attorney and a non-attorney volunteer or paralegal. The non-attorney volunteer or paralegal will help fill out forms and/or serve as an interpreter. Your attorney will help answer any questions regarding your POA and help you leave with completed POA forms.  

What forms will I fill out during my POA consultation?  

During your consultation, an attorney and a non-attorney volunteer or paralegal will assist in filling out a few forms, including an Intake Form, Limited Client Agreement, and the Illinois Statutory POA forms.  

What questions will I be asked during my POA consultation?  

During your POA consultation, you will be asked to name your agent for healthcare and for property. You will need the person’s full name, phone number, and mailing address. It is important to have this information ready, as it forms the basis for a smooth discussion about your specific POA requirements. Learn more about POA agents HERE.  

Does my chosen agent need to be present during my POA consultation? 

No. Your agent does not need to be present during your consultation. To ensure that the client's preferences and POA documents accurately reflect the wishes and intentions of the person creating them, we recommend that the client attend alone. If you are accompanied by someone, they may wait in an outside area during the consultation to maintain confidentiality and privacy. They may join you for your appointment only if you give confirmation that you would like them present. 

How long will my POA consultation take?  

POA consultations typically last an hour. Within this timeframe, you can draft either a POA for healthcare, a POA for property, or both. 

Can I notarize my POA documents at the clinic?  

Yes. NSLAC will provide an on-site volunteer notary during your consultation to assist you in leaving with completed POAs. However, if a volunteer notary is unavailable during the clinic, the client will need to arrange for an external notary to finalize the POA. 

What should I do with my completed POA?  

After signing and notarizing your POA, it is important to distribute copies of your POA to relevant parties, such as your Agent and any successor Agents, your bank, your primary care physician, and anyone other than your regular doctor.  

Have additional questions?  

If you have more questions regarding POA clinics, please call NSLAC at 847-737-4042 or email Interpreters are available upon request in all languages. Services are available regardless of immigration status. NSLAC also offers free legal aid services in the areas of immigration, domestic violence, and housing 

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