Services Offered

NSLAC assists low-income renters who live in North suburban Cook County and Lake County and are facing housing problems such as: 


We represent renters facing eviction at the Skokie, Rolling Meadows, or Waukegan courthouses. We also advocate for renters who have received a notice of termination from their landlord (which may be called a “5-Day Notice,” “10-Day Notice,” “30-Day Notice,” etc.).  

Landlord-renter disputes 

We help renters understand their rights and can help negotiate resolutions to disagreements with their landlords. For renters with housing subsidies, we may assist with rent calculations, issues surrounding inspections, recertifications, and transfers to another unit or property. 


Landlords are required to maintain their rental property. We assist renters in advocating for repairs to their unit to ensure that their housing is habitable and safe. 

Breaking a lease 

We help renters negotiate with their landlords for an early end to their lease—whether because of domestic violence, ongoing conditions problems, or other issues. 

Illegal lockouts 

We advocate for renters when a landlord illegally changes a unit’s locks, shuts off utilities, or otherwise prevents a renter from accessing or using their residence without having gone through the lawful eviction process. 

Termination from subsidy 

We represent renters with a housing subsidy who are facing termination from the program at any stage of the termination process, including informal hearings, grievance hearings, and formal eviction proceedings. 

Reasonable accommodations 

We advocate for renters with disabilities to make sure landlords provide reasonable accommodations or comply with applicable laws regarding unit accessibility. 

Rental assistance applications 

For renters we are assisting, we can help complete rental assistance applications. 

Security deposits 

We help renters advocate for the return of their security deposit after move-out.  

Please note we do not represent landlords or homeowners, nor do we assist with fair housing cases.