Federal courts temporarily block the new public charge rule

UPDATE: On October 11, 2019, federal courts temporarily blocked the new public charge rule described here. The future of the new public charge rule is up to the courts— in the coming months, there will be further legal action to determine whether the new rule will take effect.

We will continue to update this page as we learn more information about the future of the new public charge rule. Please keep in mind that currently, immigration officials may still consider cash assistance (SSI, TANF) and/or long-term care to determine public charge.

Please remember, certain public benefits such as WIC, AllKids, Moms and Babies and benefits for children are EXCLUDED in the public charge rule. Please seek assistance from the Clinic before dropping or joining any benefits in the near future.

Below are the Clinic’s flyers about changes to public charge and what they mean for you (created 10/1/2019).

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