A Mother’s Journey of Courage, Strength and Resilience

The Client first came to NSLAC seeking legal protection for her and her five children. Throughout her marriage, the Client had suffered verbal and emotional abuse, while single-handedly caring for her five children, some of whom have special needs. During her marriage, the abuser refused to financially contribute and neglected to take on any parental responsibilities, even going so far as to restrict access to part of their residence. The Client was forced to sleep on the couch as she wanted her children to have the remaining bedrooms. 

Upon seeking guidance from NSLAC's Domestic Violence Law practice attorneys and staff and filing for divorce, the abuser began threatening violence against both the Client's family and himself. Further complications arose when the Client discovered that the abuser had been approved for a FOID card. In response, the Client was promptly advised to take the FOID card to the courthouse and obtain an Order of Protection with a firearm restraining order. The Client was granted an Emergency Order of Protection, the FOID card was confiscated, and the abuser was removed from the home. 

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