A New Future After Eviction Resolution

After fleeing an abusive relationship, the Client struggled to maintain housing. She worked to provide for her two young children but began falling behind on rent when faced with unexpected expenses and compounding late fees. Adding to her difficulties, the landlord repeatedly towed her car in response to her unpaid rent. With the help of local agencies, the Client was able to secure rental assistance funds, but her landlord still proceeded to file for an eviction.  

NSLAC worked with the Client and represented her in the eviction case. After extensive negotiation with her landlord, we successfully secured a settlement to avoid an eviction and money judgment. The Client’s settlement allowed her time to find new housing and ensured that her case would be sealed from public records. Even after sealing the eviction, the Client experienced rejection from prospective housing as the eviction case continued to show up in background checks. NSLAC advocated for the Client with the screening company to ensure that the sealed eviction was removed from their records. After months of stress and financial struggle, the Client was approved to move into brand-new public housing. This approval signifies a new chapter for her and her family, offering the security of safe and stable housing after significant challenges. 

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