A Mother’s Resilience Through Struggle and Adversity

The Client, a mother of two children, faced a difficult situation when her then-husband, the Abuser grappled with substance abuse issues involving pain medication, alcohol, and marijuana. During an intoxicated episode, the Abuser threatened the Client’s life, prompting police intervention. In the aftermath, the police advised the Client to obtain an emergency order of protection for her and her children. Seeking assistance, the Client came to NSLAC needing help to secure a plenary order of protection. A plenary order of protection would not only extend the period of protection, but it would also shield the Clients children from dangerous interactions with the Abuser, particularly given the ongoing substance abuse concerns. The Abuser obtained a lawyer and sought to oppose the plenary order of protection to obtain unrestricted access to the children. NSLAC’s Domestic Violence Law Practice Staff Attorney represented the Client at no cost and successfully secured a two-year plenary order of protection Additionally, the Client was also connected with NSLAC's DV Social Worker to explore housing vouchers and other supportive services in the area. Months later, the Client reached out to NSLAC for guidance on the Abuser’s pending criminal case. While NSLAC does not handle criminal cases, we provided guidance to the Client regarding the criminal process and key information for the Client to consider. Throughout every step, NSLAC remained dedicated to supporting the client's well-being and addressing her complex situation with empathy and expertise. 

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