Finding Compassionate Support After Abuse

The Client is a mother of young children referred to NSLAC by the local school district and has been in an abusive relationship for nearly 10 years. The abuse became increasingly violent as the husband developed substance abuse. The Client experienced physical, emotional, and verbal abuse in front of the children. The husband was openly unfaithful and used his position as the breadwinner to manipulate and threaten the Client. NSLAC supported the Client through orders of protection, divorce, and ongoing child custody cases and achieved small victories. The immediate need was safety for her and her children, but the Client also needed support untangling herself from the relationship to become financially independent. NSLAC’s Social Worker connected her to local social service agencies.

The abusive husband could not retain counsel and chose to represent himself. Staff attorneys, therefore, needed to communicate directly with the abuser and navigate his unstable mental status. NSLAC recognized that the Client is on a long journey to rebuilding a safe and productive life and will continue to support the Client as new issues arise with the orders of protection or child custody cases. NSLAC provided intensive, ongoing, trauma-informed care at no cost.

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