Embracing Hope and Community After Tragedy

In the aftermath of the Highland Park shooting, NSLAC was part of the community’s response for victims and neighbors in crisis. NSLAC’s staff was a constant presence at the Family Assistance Center for nearly two straight weeks following the shooting. Immigration Law Practice attorneys and staff served as translators for the immigrant community and answered questions about U Visa eligibility.

In the days following the shooting, NSLAC worked to combat notario fraud, or scams by individuals posing as legal service providers. NSLAC worked with community leaders and local media outlets to address the misinformation and ensure clients in need received accurate counsel. NSLAC coordinated several U Visa (a special form of immigration relief for victims of violent crime) with the support of volunteer attorneys from around the community. NSLAC screened more than 200 clients and their family members for U Visa eligibility and any other forms of immigration relief. NSLAC continues to work on these cases, including providing regular communication with local authorities managing the criminal case. The U Visa cases may require staff time and resources for months or years, and NSLAC will continue to assist.

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Posted in Mission Moments.