Finding Guidance Through Housing Challenges

The Client, a disabled senior and a survivor of domestic violence was referred to NSLAC through a partner social service agency. The Client was faced with a difficult situation when her landlord decided to renovate the building and increase rent for the remaining units. The Client was informed that her rental agreement would not be renewed and was given a move-out date. Although the Client did not want to move, she could not afford the new rental rates. The Client sought guidance from NSLAC’s Housing staff attorneys to review her rights as a tenant. NSLAC informed the Client that the landlord had provided proper notice and that the Client needed to move out. NSLAC reviewed the next steps of the process for the Client, highlighting the potential issues that could arise if the Client did not adhere to the move-out date. In addition to providing legal guidance, NSLAC referred the client to partnering agencies that would help with affordable housing. 

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