Hope Renewed Through U-Visa Victory

Our Client came to NSLAC for a consultation on an adjustment of status as a U-Visa recipient. A U-Visa is a form of immigration relief for victims of certain types of crime who help law enforcement with the investigation. It provides lawful status in the U.S. for four years, with work authorization, and allows recipients to apply for lawful permanent residency after maintaining that status for three years. The Client was the victim of sexual abuse as a child and obtained U-Visa status from November 2013 to November 2017. Prior to coming to NSLAC for her initial consultation, the Client had been working with an attorney for months without any results—and was beginning to worry that she would not be able to submit her application to adjust as a lawful permanent resident by the November deadline. The staff at NSLAC quickly prepared the necessary documents for her application and successfully filed them in August 2017. Seven months later, the Client's application to adjust her status as a lawful permanent resident was approved, and she was overjoyed with both relief and new hope that she could accomplish so much more in this country with her new status. When she came to our office to pick up her lawful permanent resident card, The Client talked about applying for new jobs, going back to school, and visiting family whom she hadn’t seen since she was a child back in Mexico. We spoke to her recently to check up on her, and she said she was doing very well and was very grateful for the help we provided her. 

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