From Threats to Triumph, A Tenant Victory

NSLAC's Client was a female tenant, living independently, who had suffered a significant injury. Upon learning about the Client’s injury, the landlord offered a free month of rent to make her recovery easier. During her recovery, the landlord also offered assistance with transportation and errands. The Client initially accepted the offers of support, however, soon after, the landlord began to make romantic advances towards the Client. When the Client rejected his advances, the landlord became violent, demanded repayment of the rent, made verbal threats, and slashed the Client’s tires. The Client sought help and was referred by another social service agency to NSLAC, for guidance with an Emergency Order of Protection. An NSLAC Domestic Violence Law Practice Staff Attorney represented the Client and secured an Emergency Order of Protection. When the Client continued to receive inappropriate communication from the landlord, NSLAC’s staff attorney counseled the Client through the process of enforcing the order. Working to ensure the long-term safety of the Client, NSLAC's Domestic Violence Law Practice Attorney negotiated with the opposing counsel and settled on a mutual stay-away order.  

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