Finding a Legal Lifeline Against Forced Eviction

The Client was a disabled senior facing an illegal eviction from a project-based subsidy due to the nonrenewal of her lease. The rules of the Client’s subsidy did not allow management to terminate her lease without a good case. Unfortunately, because the Client did not have legal representation during her eviction trial, she was unaware of this defense and lost the case. 

The Client came to NSLAC after the eviction order had already been issued and was facing a forced eviction by the Sheriff and the termination of her subsidy. With a fixed income and no housing subsidy, the Client faced homelessness. NSLAC negotiated a settlement with the property management, agreeing that the Client would move out voluntarily as long as management completed the paperwork allowing her to transfer to the housing choice voucher program. The Client’s eviction order was vacated, and the case was dismissed and sealed. The Client was able to stay temporarily with family while she secured new housing through her voucher.  

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