Sealing Success in Eviction Prevention

The Client was referred to NSLAC by Center of Concerns. The Client came to NSLAC seeking assistance to help prevent an eviction. The Client had received a subsidy for rent and had also been increasing their earnings to a point where they may exceed the income threshold for the subsidy. However, a COVID-related loss of income depleted the Client’s savings and put the Client behind on rent. If evicted, the Client would not only lose his current housing but also jeopardize his rental subsidy eligibility. NSLAC worked with the Client for more than 6 months, providing full representation including court appearances. These essential services were provided at no cost to the Client. NSLAC also worked diligently to get the case sealed and prevent any future harm to the Client’s eligibility for subsidy programs and future rental opportunities.  

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Posted in Mission Moments.