Legal Aid Triumphs in Tenant Housing Struggle

The Client and her children had fallen behind on rent. She lost some of her income during the pandemic, making it difficult to keep up with expenses. The Client successfully applied for a rental assistance program, but the landlord was reluctant to cooperate with the program and communicated intentions to end the lease early. Feeling unstable in their current home, the Client began looking at new housing while also exploring legal options to stay in her current home. NSLAC provided counsel to her on the rental assistance program and offered support.

The landlord filed an eviction notice, claiming months of unpaid rent and additional utility bills. The figures presented by the landlord were not accurate and included costs not consistent with the lease agreement. The landlord notified credit agencies of the Client’s non-payment, which was certain to create barriers for the Client. NSLAC represented the Client. The landlord was ordered by a judge to acknowledge receipt of the rental assistance payments. NSLAC negotiated an affordable payment for the remaining rent and move-out date. NSLAC was able to seal details surrounding this case and the Client’s past eviction, removing major obstacles to her housing search.

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