Navigating Housing After Personal Loss

The Client was referred to NSLAC for help by her children’s school social worker. The Client’s spouse fell ill with COVID in 2021 and was hospitalized, leaving the spouse unable to work. The loss of income resulted in the family of five falling behind on rent. In 2021, the family received rental assistance, which allowed them to stay housed. However, in 2022, the Client’s spouse fell ill from COVID again and unfortunately passed away. The subsequent loss of income once again pushed the family behind on rent, prompting the landlord to file an eviction. NSLAC helped the Client apply for court-based rental assistance. While the assistance was approved, it did not cover the full balance owed because the Client had maxed out on available aid. The Client was able to move in with family members and NSLAC negotiated a settlement dismissing and sealing the eviction case.  

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