Navigating Challenges in Rental Assistance

NSLAC provided assistance to our Client in successfully navigating Cook County’s court-based assistance. The Client had stopped working to care for her daughter who had fallen sick with COVID for many months. As a result, the Client fell behind on rent. Despite her landlord initiating an eviction case, they agreed to collaborate on the rental assistance application process. The client and landlord quickly completed the application, but what should have been a straightforward process, extended into a four-month wait. The Cook County court-based rental assistance program (CBRAP) had faced overwhelming application volumes, leading to extended review times. Amidst this, the review process was paused due to a lack of funds. The Client was repeatedly asked to resubmit documentation already provided. Despite numerous submissions, her application faced denial, with CBRAP citing inadequate documentation. It took considerable advocacy for NSLAC to determine what the problem with the Client’s application was and to appeal the denial of her application. Luckily, throughout the process, the landlord agreed to keep continuing the eviction case. Finally, after 4 months, the Clients application was approved, and the rental assistance was paid out to her landlord.

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