Reclaiming Deposit and Expenses After Negligence

For months, our client’s landlord declined to make repairs to her apartment, advising that he was waiting for further damage so that the insurance company would pay for a more comprehensive restoration of the property. One day, the client found a big hole in the collapsing ceiling; she called the village inspector, who condemned the apartment and requested the landlord fix the damage. Our client and her family were forced to move into a hotel due to the inhabitability of the property, and she sought out NSLAC for help. For months she waited to receive her security deposit back and reimbursement for expenses incurred while living in the hotel, but the landlord declined. After a few months, clinic staff and volunteer attorneys Ron Futterman and Tracy Baade helped our client to obtain the full amount of the security deposit and reimbursement of expenses related to their tenancy.

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