Supportive Intervention During Health Challenges

NSLAC provided assistance to a client and her three children, ensuring they could avoid an eviction. The Client, who had been renting an apartment for several years, faced significant health challenges, including an autoimmune disease and other medical issues. Due to her health condition, impacted by COVID, the client's doctor advised her to stop working, causing the Client to fall behind on rent. The Client had received rental assistance in 2021 and therefore was able to stay housed. Struggling to return to work, the Client applied for disability benefits but was denied. Once again falling behind on rent, the landlord filed an eviction for non-payment of rent in the summer of 2022. The Client tried applying for court-based rental assistance but was denied because she had exhausted all funding from her previous rental assistance. NSLAC was able to work out a move-out agreement for the Client, help avoid an eviction, and have the case sealed.

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