Turning Fear into Legal Triumph

Our Client, a resident of our service area but attending college out of state received help from NSLAC after her father reached out. He was unsure whether the harassment the Client had endured justified legal intervention but upon consultation, it became clear to NSLAC that she was eligible for relief and that the Client had endured significant distress.  

The Client had attended a religious social gathering accompanied by friends. Despite the client never being alone with the Respondent or engaging in private conversation, the Respondent persistently pursued the Client during the event. This pursuit became so relentless that other group members intervened and admonished the Respondent directly that the Client was not interested and asked him to stop trying to speak to her.   

After the event, the Respondent continued the harassment through social media, sending inappropriate messages and creating new profiles after being blocked. The Respondent even dared the Client to obtain a restraining order, asserting that it would be futile due to his connections with local law enforcement. When the Client first connected with us, she expressed concern that seeking legal remedies would worsen her situation. After we walked her through her choices, we reassured her that she would not have to personally appear in the courtroom, and explained how a stalking no contact order would protect her and could lead to criminal charges against the Respondent were he to violate it. The Client chose to proceed, and we were able to secure a two-year stalking no-contact order against her harasser. 

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