Free Health Care Power of Attorney Clinic for Incoming and Current College Students

Many parents are unaware of how crucial a power of health care form is for their graduating high school seniors headed off to college who are no longer minors and may not be able to have the benefit of parent consultation in an emergency when they are unable to make medical decisions for themselves.

HPHLAC will be assisting students and their parents in preparing a Health Care Power of Attorney, which will permit parents to have access to their child’s medical team in an emergency. Meet one-on-one with a lawyer to immediately create and execute your document. Attorneys will personally guide you through the process so you are confident that your Health Care Power of Attorney documents are done correctly.

When:         Wednesday, July 25, 2018 from 5:30 to 8 PM

Where:     Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic
491 Laurel Ave.
Highland Park

To register or for more information call 847-737-4042.
Space is limited.