Pro Bono Week 2022

Pro Bono Week takes place every year in October (10/23-10/29) and celebrates the pro bono ethic of the thousands of professionals who volunteer their skills and professional expertise to support nonprofits all around the world. Thank you to the numerous attorneys, interpreters, college students, law students, paralegals, community members, and other professionals who volunteer at NSLAC. Whether you are seeking a volunteer opportunity to give back to the community, gain service hours, or are interested in developing new skills - we need your help.

In the spirit of celebrating Pro Bono Week, we are pleased to offer the following opportunities.

  • U Visa Screening Clinic on 10/8 and 10/29: This is our most pressing need. We will host two Saturday clinics at our office in Highland Park for victims of the Highland Park Fourth of July mass shooting. These clinics are geared toward screening people for potential U Visa eligibility. Sign up to participate here.

Clinics will run each day from 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-4 pm. An attorney can volunteer for the whole day or one shift. Immigration and U Visa experience is not necessary but welcome. NSLAC will provide attorneys with CLE training via webinar the Tuesday before each clinic, which will be recorded (CLE credit can only be given for live attendance).

At the clinic, attorneys will be given a screening sheet to go through with the client. There is no obligation to represent the client further beyond the clinic.  However, if you’d like to assist further with any of these cases, we welcome your expertise. Spanish-speaking volunteers and staff that can assist as interpreters for this project are encouraged.

  • Off-site clinics: These clinics provide in-person, limited engagement services to members of the community for short-term guardianship and Power of Attorney. Volunteers provide advice and services on the day of the clinic only. NSLAC provides one hour of CLE training for these opportunities on-site the day of the clinic. This is a great opportunity for attorneys to learn a new area of law while serving low-income individuals. Attorneys will then meet with individuals who have made appointments in advance to provide them with services. These events typically require a four-hour commitment, including the one-hour training.
  • Short-term Guardianship Clinics: Families should have something in place to ensure the care of their children in the event of the parents’ incapacity. NSLAC helps parents execute a short-term guardianship agreement that will become effective upon the designated date or event (for example, if the parent(s) are detained by immigration). Guardians will then be able to assume parental responsibilities over the child, including ensuring the child continues to have access to medical care, school, is fed, housed, and clothed. A short-term guardianship clinic is presently scheduled for 11/2 in Highland Park.
  • Power of Attorney Clinics: Advanced directives are important for any adult to have in place to help manage health care and decisions regarding personal property. We work with multiple different stakeholders, including, but not limited to, senior centers, public libraries, and community colleges, to bring powers of attorney for health care and property to the community.  Clinics are scheduled for 10/7 in Northbrook, 11/1 in Vernon Hills, and 3/23/23 in Lake Zurich.

We know that you have the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to secure access to justice. We are grateful for your time and willingness to put your talents to work for NSLAC and the individuals and families that we serve. We look forward to your participating in one (or more) of the opportunities mentioned above. Please be in touch with any questions or suggestions at 847-737-4042 or