Statement on Supreme Court Opinion

The HPHLAC welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision to consider the Trump Administration’s executive order banning refugees and travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries.  We are concerned, however, that the Court’s decision to lift the injunction for those who cannot show a bona fide relationship with a family member or entity in the United States will place an undue burden on the World’s most vulnerable population.


Susan Shulman, HPHLAC Executive Director, stated: “Our humanitarian obligation to protect those fleeing conflict and persecution has never been limited to those with ties to the United States.  In fact, this obligation is rooted in our founding ideals as a nation – that all people are entitled to liberty, equality and opportunity regardless of race, religion or nationality.  To make protection contingent on certain relationships to American people or institutions is irrational and does nothing to further the Administration’s stated goal of increased security.”


Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, HPHLAC Director of Immigration Law Practice, reiterated: “We must not turn our back on our ideals out of fear, and the HPHLAC reiterates our commitment to equal justice and stands with our community to insist that our institutions uphold our values. The Court’s vague limitation on the applicability of the injunction will lead to confusion and increases the potential that justice will be denied arbitrarily to those in need. We will be closely monitoring the implementation of this decision and will work with our partners to defend dignity and protect those impacted by misguided policy.”