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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month across the nation. The month kicked off a little early in Highland Park at a community discussion, “No More Domestic Violence: Know More.”

The discussion with Highland Park Police Chief Paul Shafer and representatives from SHALVA, A Safe Place and a family law attorney, Nancy Chausow Shafer provided the opportunity to ask questions about domestic abuse in a safe environment, learn the signs and how to help friends, neighbors and f...amily in need.

Non-physical domestic violence is every bit as significant as physical abuse and almost always precedes it. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in four women and one in seven men will be a victim of domestic abuse at some point during their lifetime.
Together we will raise awareness about what domestic violence looks like, the availability of services and the very real costs to families and communities.

The event was a partnership between A Safe Place, the City of Highland Park, The Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic, Park District of Highland Park and SHALVA. It was an honor to work in the committee with these incredible organizations.

To learn more about the panel last night or reach any of the participating organizations please contact the Highland Park/Highwood Legal Aid Clinic to be directed.

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Last night's Domestic Violence panel shined a spotlight on an important threat to many of our families with wide-ranging repercussions for our community. Thank you to Pat Davenport - A Safe Place/Lake County Crisis Center, Barbara Siegel - SHALVA, Sue Rifas, Nancy Chausow Shafer and City of Highland Park, Illinois Police Chief Shafer for their thoughtful statements and vital information. Thank you also to Susan Shulman - Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic and NCJW - National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Sectionfor joining SHALVA and A Safe Place in bringing important resources to the discussion and our community.

Nancy Rotering - Highland Park Mayor's photo.
Nancy Rotering - Highland Park Mayor's photo.
Nancy Rotering - Highland Park Mayor's photo.
Nancy Rotering - Highland Park Mayor's photo.
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